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Cars and lorries are amongst the most multifaceted devices in society today. We will assist you to demistify the common confusion surrounding the technical issues of litigation and its discovery process.

Sometimes, interested parties provide physical evidence that does not address the issues truly, or indeed so many documents which tend to bury the pertinent ones. We will examine all documents and evidence, and identify all of the critical technical data points; it is feasable that will sometimes uncover apparently minor issues that may prove critical to the case.

We also offer mediation and arbitration assistance to you, by helping to prepare clients technical aspects, and even by accompanying clients to proceedings, in order to provide an immediate assessment of the other parties' claims.

Our goal is to enable a settlement through understanding and knowledge of the truth of the facts in evidence, and thus minimize expense and the time expended.
Lawsuits that are likely to go to trial, require exstensive preparation and presentation of the technical aspects of the case, we can assist with this as well as including visual aids and demonstrative evidence.